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The Biggest Jackpots

Online gambling is an ever-increasing market. Online casinos and poker sites are expanding rapidly. This is also true for the amount of money you can win when you’re playing at an online casino. In other words, the jackpots keep getting bigger, but where can you find the biggest jackpots?

This question is one that jackpot-junkies keep asking them selves. Do you go to a live casino or an online casino? And when you go to an online casino which one do you choose?

These days you can find thousands of online casinos that all have something different to offer. A good place to start our search to the biggest and best online casino jackpot is The Casinos UK. This website gives you an inside in the biggest UK jackpots and UK jackpots are big.

Moving back to the subject of the biggest online jackpot. The biggest jackpot that has ever been won was over $6.000.0000. A Scandinavian online casino on the slot Mega Fortune paid out this jackpot. Mega Fortune is famous for it big jackpots. The jackpot that you can win on this slot is always more than $1.000.000.

This slot might pay out big, but we do not really like it that much, because the win chance is so little? You can find some great other slots at a range of online casinos. A great other slot that we would like to recommend is The Dark Night. This is a great slot based on the famous movie The Dark Night.

Now we still haven’t answered the question were you can play this online slot. As mentioned there are a range of online casinos where you can play this slot. A great online casino to give it a try is Dazzle Casino. This is an online casino with some great games and jackpots. If you’re interested check out the Dazzle Casino review.

We hope that we have help you on you’re way to find the best and biggest jackpot and we want to wish you good luck at the tables and slots.