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Serving the Hottest Bingo Nicknames

Bingo has some rules. You start with how to play the game. You continue with learning some basic Bingo terms. You get to know your fellow Bingo players. But, there is still something let undone. That is familiarizing with the nicknames that Bingo players use to refer to certain numbers in Bingo.

To tell you the truth, Bingo names vary. One's imagination could be the only limitation as nicknames for these numbers continue to evolve. Lately, you may find yourself hearing about a number describing Jennifer Lopez's body part. So, it really is worth to be update as well with what's the latest in Bingo nicknames.

Here are some of them for you to feast on.

1. Legs Eleven- This all-time favorite Bingo phrase refers to the number 11. Apparently, the number eleven looks a lot like a pair of legs. So, when the number gets announced by the Bingo caller, expect some whistles from the crowd.

2. Two fat ladies- Two fat ladies is the term representing the number 88. This phrase has been easy to recall as it has stayed on as a favorite Bingo hall nickname.

3. Gareth Gates- The name, Gareth Gates, has been associated with the number eight. Before the number eight is referred to as one fat lady after the previous nickname, Two fat ladies. But, due to Gates' popularity after being recognized in a British reality TV show, the phrase has overtaken the previous the fat lady's place in Bingo's nicknames of numbers.

4. J. Lo's Bum- the hottest phrase in the Bingo arena right now refers to the number 71. The sultry actress and singer has now captured the Bingo lingo. J. Lo's Bum is now being used in UK Bingo halls. But, it was introduced by different British camp operators.

5. Buckle my shoe- This phrase has been used since the 1950s to refer to the number 32. But, right now, the term "Jimmy Choo" has been used to represent the number. The term honors the popular shoe designer, Jimmy Choo.

6. Ali G.- Ali G. is the newest addition to the cool Bingo nicknames which refers to the number 30. It is now starting to replace the popular nickname of the number 30 which is Dirty Gertie. Alie G. is coined from a famous comic fictional character.

7. Stroppy teen - Stroppy teen meanwhile sounds like the number 15.

8. Feng Shui- Feng Shui is the newest Bingo nickname for the number 53.