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A Crash Course on Bingo for Newbies

Are you entering a bingo place for the first time? Then here are some things you should know so you wouldn't get shocked or startled when someone shouts "BINGO!"

"Bingo!" is what a winner would should to inform everyone about the possibility of a win. This words is an indication that a pattern has been formed on the card suing the numbers that has just been drawn.

In this game, each player is given a card containing a 5x5 matrix. This matrix contains a set of numbers that are unique for each card.

In each game, there is a patter that needs to be formed. Usually, this pattern is announced before the start of the game. When a blackout pattern is announced, players should simply mark all the numbers drawn on their cards. Other patterns include a single line, two lines, a center cross, a postage stamp or an inner square.

After informing the player about the winning pattern, a non-player called the caller chooses the balls containing the number in a random fashion. Then, the caller informs the player of the chosen number. Each player would then marks containing the announced number. Once the player forms the winning pattern, it is then time to shout for "Bingo!" After alerting the caller of the possible win, the game is stopped and the card is checked to verify the win. Once the winning card is confirmed, a new game starts.

After knowing how a bingo game is played, it is now time to familiarize ourselves with the bingo cards.

Bingo cards are simply made out of cardboard or recycled paper. Each card has twenty-five squares in a five by five matrix. In a double action card, each square would contain two numbers. However, in a regular bingo card, only one number is found within a square. All squares would have a number except the center square. Now, what has the word "Bingo" got to do with this game?

Each column within a card is marked by a letter. The first column is labeled B. Numbers from one to fifteen would fall under this column. The second column would contain numbers from sixteen to thirty. This column is marked by the letter I. The third column, which is labeled as N, groups the numbers form thirty-one to forty-five. The fourth column G displays numbers form forty-six to sixty while the last column, column O, would have the numbers from sixty-one to seventy-five. So whenever a ball is drawn, the column label and number are announced. This makes it easier for the players to find the drawn number.

Now that you know how to play the game and how the bingo cards work, you are ready to jump into a bingo game and test your luck in this game of chance.