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Bingo Etiquettes

What's good about playing bingo on the Internet is that players have the chance to interact with other players as well. Players will be able to chat with their Bingo buddies.

The chat system is one of the best features Bingo online has ever had to offer their players. The chat system allows players to interact with other players through chatting. It seems that your Bingo buddies are just beside you playing Bingo as well.

However, using the chat system does require rules. These rules are simple considerations to other players like you. The following are notes that you must consider in using chat facilities while playing Bingo online.

Do not forget to respect the Chat Master (CM). When talking to the chat master you must be polite at all times, regard their authority and respect the rules of their job.

Chat Master's responsibility is to ensure the smooth flow of Bingo game. And also to make sure that everybody in the room is having fun.

Typing on a window box is the form of talking or chatting, in doing so avoid using capital letter, especially in talking with the Chat Masters. However, Chat Masters type words in all capital letters the sole purpose of this is to distinguish themselves from regular players.

If you are to choose your screen name or nickname make sure that you choose an appropriate name. Do not pick a name that can be offensive to other players or a name with a bad meaning.

While chatting with your fellow Bingo buddies remember not to swear, insult another race or type words that are indecent and offending as well.

Another rule of thumb is that you should never impersonate someone. Do not tell them that you are someone you are not.

One should also be aware that this is not a place for advertising a person or a product this is not permitted.

Let us say that your credits have been all used up, if this happens to you, you are not allowed to ask other players for credits. Asking for credits from your fellow Bingo buddies is not allowed.

If you won a few big Bingo games it is nice to share your winning experience with your fellow Bingo buddies however, do not over do it. As much as possible do not brag about your winnings. You may share a few of your winnings, on other hand; if someone wins the game you should be happy for them as well. Congratulate them and have a smooth chatting relationship.

Bingo on the Internet is a nice place to meet new friends. You can stay at chat rooms for as long as you like as long as you always carry your Bingo etiquette with you.